Lead Shot 

Eagle Magnum #6                                  1-9 bags  $38.99/25# bag                                                                                               10+ bags  $37.95/25# bag                                                                                      (prices reflects cash discount)

Buck Shot  

Hornady 00 and 000                                             $29. 99/5lb Box 



Federal Range Pack 22LR,  40gr LRN 1200 FPS        $50.59/800 rd box

Federal Black Packs: 

224 Valkyrie, 75 gr. TMJ                                $60. 95/100 Rounds


We have the following brands of NEW AR-15's , AR-10's, and AK clones currently in stock.

           Colt   (SP1 w/ triangular forend) & Expanse M4 Carbine

           Rock River Arms   LA-308


We have various models, by the above brands, and in the following calibers:

223 Rem. 

5.45 x 39mm 

7.62 x 39mm 

308 Winchester

We also have several used AR-15's currently in stock.

Please stop by or contact us for more information, as inventory changes daily.

AR-15 Parts and Accessories:

Mag-Pul, 30 rnd. magazines

Tactical Bi-pods

Blackhawk Universal Single Point Sling Adapter

Selection of AR riser rails, scope mounts, optic accessories



 Target Load Shotshell Ammo:

Estate Super Sport Competition

Federal Top Gun

Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics


Federal Gold Medal

Remington STS and Nitro

Winchester AA

Federal Paper



We carry many different models of guns for your shooting needs. Call for pricing and availability.

Or, fill out our online contact form and we will email you.



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